Did You Know That MOST Peripheral Neuropathy Treatments Simply Cover Up The Symptoms While Your Body Continues To Destroy Your Nerves?

Hi! I’m Dr. Merick Abrajano, DC and I’m delighted you found your way here. A warm welcome!

I’m fed up with patients being told their peripheral nerve damage is permanent. That you just need to learn how to live with it. That there is nothing to do except take a “cover up” pill to mask the real problem. You’re not even given a fighting chance at a corrective treatment. Well, I’m here to tell you that Neuropathy Does NOT have to be a Life Sentence.

With All The Advances In Technology Why Can’t We Eliminate Neuropathy And Nerve Damage?

There was a time in your life when you didn’t have the tingling, burning, sharp shoot sensations in your feet. The kind of pain that keeps you up at night and makes you wonder if there is any enjoyment left in life. It may have started as an occasional numb spot or tingling in your toes or fingers then it became more frequent and eventually painful.

The worse time of day may be at night time. You can’t get comfortable and the pain keeps you tossing and turning. The pain may even wake you up at night disrupting your peace and comfort. You may have started limiting your activities and social time or stopped enjoying vacations altogether because you can’t imagine walking at Disney with your grand kids.

I want to give you hope that you may be able to overcome this dreadful condition even if you’ve had it for years.

It’s so frustrating seeing people who have worked their whole lives in anticipation of enjoying hobbies, travel and relationships have that taken away because of nerve damage.

Neuropathy Can Disturb Your Balance – And That is A Very Serious Problem

Loss of balance and injuries related to poor balance are a serious concern. Hip fractures, broken arms and concussions can all occur because of poor balance related to loss of foot sensation. A study by Richardson et. al. found diabetics with EMG-confirmed peripheral neuropathy were 23 times more likely to report instability resulting in a fall or injury. It’s important to recognize this very real danger and work toward prevention. Our program incorporates fall prevention activities.

I also know that recovery from peripheral neuropathy is very real, very possible!

I can almost bet that you’ve never been told that. Have you? Most patients just the option to take a pill for pain relief. Doctors usually tell patients that the damage is permanent. Most patients give up at this point and never find the treatment options that will allow them to actually heal their damaged nerves.


It Doesn’t Matter If You Have Diabetic Neuropathy, Post ChemoTherapy Neuropathy or Idiopathic Neuropathy. The Rules Around Healing The Nerves Don’t Change

By thinking outside the box and applying well grounded science and research related to nerve health and function I’ve put together my most advance Neuropathy Solution program ever. My formula is deceptively simple: Give the Nerves What They Need To Survive and Recover. Literally set the stage and give your nervous system the best possible chance to reverse that nerve damage.

How Is Nerve Recovery Accomplished?

Give the nerves oxygen, proper blood sugar, specific nutrients and stimulation while removing inflammation and you have set the stage for nerve healing. I’ve created a program that addresses each part of the equation and in my opinion gives you the best possible chance for nerve healing and real relief.

So if you are feeling:

  • Foot pain
  • Wrist/Hand/Finger Pain
  • Burning sensations
  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Sharp shooting sensations in your hands or feet
  • Electrical sensations in your hands or feet
  • Loss of balance
  • Can’t feel the ground

Then take action now and order my Special Neuropathy Solutions Report.

What exactly am I going to reveal in my Special Neuropathy Report(available by Clicking Here)?

  • You will learn a little-know secret: the mechanism that is causing your continued symptoms and what to do about it.
  • You will learn the biggest mistake that doctors make in treating neuropathy symptoms.
  • You will learn exactly why you may continue to suffer with the same neuropathy symptoms despite “good” lab results and doing all the things asked of you, and why simply taking medication may not help you.
  • You will learn why additional lab tests are essential for helping you identify the precise, personal, tailored approach necessary to get you the relief you need.
  • You will learn how to improve your condition … safely … healthfully!

I lay out for you the fundamental approach I use here in our clinic. Discover how I safely diagnose and relieve the underlying conditions that are actually causing your problems and perpetuating needless suffering.

All the best to you and your health!

Dr. Merick Abrjano, DC

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